Smoke-Eating Roof Tiles

Breathe Easier with Revolutionary Roofing!

Los Angeles based homebuilder, KB Homes, has joined forces with Boral Roofing to create and utilize a concrete tile roof that neutralizes the nitrogen oxide that forms into smog. KB Homes began offering this special roof in January of 2011 to 25 housing developments located in Southern California. When the smog-eating tiles are used in an entire neighborhood, the air quality will be improved in the immediate area
The science behind the tiles is the titanium dioxide which is incorporated into the surface of the tiles. When daylight hits the roof, it activates the titanium oxide, which in turn breaks down the nitrogen oxides in the air into oxygen and nitrates. When installed on a standard 2,000 square foot home, the tiles are able to neutralize in one year the amount of nitrogen oxide a typical car produces after 10,800 miles of driving.

With an upgrade to smog-eating tiles available for approximately $800, it’s a relatively small price to pay for cleaner air to breathe.