Roof Leak Repair Temecula CA

Woolbright’s Roofing Will Fix Any Roof Leak

This newer residential home in Temecula, CA had a significant roof leak .

Temecula Roof Leak Repair

The leak was a result of broken tiles, which allowed felt to deteriorate.

2. Temecula Tile Repair

Also, pipe flashings that were originally installed throughout the roof were manufactured with rubber collars.

3. Temecula Tile Repair 2

The rubber collars on these flashings become brittle and crack and split from being exposed to the sun’s UV rays.

4. Temecula Tile Repair 2

The cracks and voids in the failing pipe flashing collars allows water to enter and run down the pipe, causing leaks.

5. Temecula Tile Repair 2

The deteriorated and compromised felt in the leak area was replaced with two new layers of roofing felt, and all pipe flashings with rubber collars were replaced with ones that have galvanized collars.

6. Temecula Tile Repair 2

A large percentage of home owners are unaware that their roofs require yearly maintenance, and these major repairs could have been avoid if yearly maintenance was performed on this roof.

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8. Temecula Tile Repair 2

9. Temecula Tile Repair 2