Murrieta CA Broken Tile Repair

We recently had a job located in Murrieta, CA in the ranch area of La Cresta. Our job here was to repair broken tiles caused by foot traffic.

Recent tile repair in Murrieta, CA

Owners should know what type of tile they have before attempting to walk on tile. Roof tiles such as these clay tiles are very fragile and should only be walked on by professional roofers.

Broken tiles from foot traffic.

Although broken tiles may not cause leaks right away, they may lead to leaks. With enough sun or soaking from the rain, the underlying felt will be damaged and will no longer shed water. The result is a leaky roof and a wet room below.

Damaged felt results in a leaky roof.

We recommend yearly maintenance to prevent costly interior damage and to avoid permanent damage to the roofing felts. Once the felts are damaged, the tiles in this area will have to be removed, and you will have to install new felt, a costly venture in itself.

Contact us for roof inspection and protect your home from future leaks and damages.

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