Roof Leak Repair Temecula CA

Woolbright’s Roofing Will Fix Any Roof Leak This newer residential home in Temecula, CA had a significant roof leak . The leak was a result of broken tiles, which allowed felt to deteriorate. Also, pipe flashings that were originally installed throughout the roof were manufactured with rubber collars. The rubber collars on these flashings become […]

Tile Roof Maintenance in Corona, CA

We completed tile roof maintenance on this newer track home in Corona, CA. Most home owners are surprised to find out that they should be performing yearly maintenance on a newer roof. Maintenance items such as, debris build up in flashings, unsealed pipe collars, sliding tiles, and broken tiles, can all be present on their […]

New Shingle Roof in Baldwin Park, CA

This house is a great example of what happens when roof leaks are not corrected. When roof leaks are not corrected, either by repair or replacement, serious damage will eventually occur to the structural soundness of the building. The roof on this house in Baldwin Park, California had past the end of its designed life […]

Roof Repair and Maintenance Job in Lake Elsinore CA

This residential roof in Lake Elsinore, CA was suffering from lack of maintenance. Broken and sliding tiles were left uncorrected, missing tiles were left un-replaced, pipe collars were left unsealed, and heavy debris was allowed to build up in the flashing channels for many years.

Patio Roofing and Waterproofing in Menifee CA

(Click on any image to see in full-size) This patio in Menifee, CA was roofed using a 40 mil white Duro-Last single-ply roof system. We used FR-10 fire sheet for our underlayment over the plywood deck to receive a Class “A” fire rating as well as waterproofing.   The edge detail used was a custom […]

Duro-Last Roof Installation in Ontario CA

These are pictures of a recent project in Ontario, CA where a Duro-Last roof was installed on an investor owned, low-sloped residential house while it was undergoing restoration. The original roof was a BUR roof system with an addition that was added to the back of the house during the restoration. With the Duro-Last roof […]

Murrieta CA Broken Tile Repair

We recently had a job located in Murrieta, CA in the ranch area of La Cresta. Our job here was to repair broken tiles caused by foot traffic. Owners should know what type of tile they have before attempting to walk on tile. Roof tiles such as these clay tiles are very fragile and should […]