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Woolbright’s Roofing & Construction, Inc.

Woolbright’s Roofing & Construction offers both eco friendly commercial and residential applications. We are a full service roofing and construction contracting company that has providing our services for over 20 years in Southern California. No job is too big or too small so call us today at 951-609-1818.

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Top-Rated Commercial and Residential Roofing Contractor In Murrieta, Menifee, Riverside, San Diego and In between for Over 20 Years!

While we are based in Wildomar, CA, that doesn’t mean we aren’t willing to travel. For example, we do a lot of roofing in Murrieta and Menifee as they are near our small town and we consistently service clients in those areas. But we have also worked on commercial roofing jobs in Los Angeles and San Diego. We’re willing to travel anywhere that we deem worthy.

Another town we like to work in is Temecula. This city is just a few miles away and continues to grow in size. With the number of homes and businesses popping up, there is always a need for a roofing contractor. And to the East of Temecula lies Menifee, CA and Hemet, CA which also boast their own decent size communities.

No area is too big or too small. We are willing to work anywhere in Riverside county, San Diego county, San Bernardino county, Los Angeles county and Orange County. We don’t want to list every single city that we work in as it will take up half the page (and isn’t fun to read), but feel free to contact us today for a free estimate and let’s work together soon.

Full Service Roof Maintenance Company

As seasonal rains come and go, it’s important to get a roof inspection for your business. Unfortunately, the wear and tear of rain can cause a number of roof problems, most notably holes or abrasions that can lead to water leaking or holes for all kinds of vermin and insects.

Your roof obviously plays an important role in your building’s design. First and foremost, it is about providing shelter to the inhabitants below. However, as I just mentioned, it’s also about protection from vermin like squirrels, rats, raccoons and insects like spiders and ants. Having a well-maintained roof is important to prevent leaks and other mishaps that could be prevented.

It’s also important to note that the roof provides an important service as insulation. This is especially true in the winter as heat rises. If you’re roof isn’t properly maintained, you can expect a colder house and a higher heating bill. When winter comes to an end, this might not seem like as much of a concern, but keep in mind that a roof can also help seal in the cold air. Of course, it also helps to keep rain showers out as well. Failure to protect against water will result in chronic roof leaks.

Your Business Needs Roof Management

Woolbright’s Roofing is a top-rated company servicing Southern California to handle your roof maintenance needs. While there are no doubt countless options in your area, it’s important you understand that not all roof companies are created the same.

When choosing a roofing company, you’ll want to know how experienced they are in roof inspections before diagnosing the problem and starting on the repairs. Even though you may be certain you know what the problem is, a qualified professional such as Woolbright’s Roofing will know more about the issue than you do. Most roofing companies don’t take the time to properly inspect your roof before beginning repairs and therefore problems remain.

If you’re running a business, taking care of your roof is vital to your success. Whether it’s a restaurant, shopping mall, grocery store or even a military base, a roof that isn’t being maintained properly will end up cutting into your bottom line in significant ways.

Woolbright’s Roofing is a full service roofing company that will maintain your roof for years to come. Owning a business building most likely means you’ll need more maintenance more often. Furthermore, your business is full of assets that will take money out of your pocket if they’re not properly sheltered.

Why Choose Us?

  • Fully Licensed & Insured
  • 2 Million General Liability Coverage
  • Extendable warranties for older roofs
  • BBB Accredited A+ Top Rating
  • Family – Owned & Operated
  • Warranties Ranging Up To Lifetime!
  • GAF Certified: Residential & Commercial
  • C-39 Roofing Specialty Lic.
  • B-General Building Lic.
  • License #534158

Services We Offer

  • Roof repair, leak detection and troubleshooting.
  • Pro-active roof management and maintenance.
  • Comprehensive roof top inspections.
  • Roof asset value assessment condition tracking.
  • New roof and Re-roof installation .
  • Commercial & Residential Construction.
  • Insulation products.
  • Attic Venting.
  • Solar powered attic fan installation.
  • Elastomeric Wall coatings.
  • Waterproofing and Caulking. ( Expansion Joints, Windows,Walls ).
  • Waterproof decking



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